Your Wiring

You are a biological wonder, naturally hard-wired for survival. And you are really good at it. In fact, your survival programming runs even when your life isn't being threatened. Which isn't always useful.

You were naturally wired with one of four survival strategies. We call this your Style.

Gaining awareness of your Style allows you to better manage your own biology, giving you greater versatility in daily interactions with others. When you begin to see other people’s Styles in action, you will build more powerful relationships with them. And become the solution to their concerns.

We call this getting wired for prosperity. Are you ready to get started?

Your Style

Beyond your survival programming, your Style gives you certain identifiable characteristics that come out most when you are under pressure.


Controls are strong-willed, independent-thinkers who are focused on the big picture. They seek certainty, are future-oriented and pretty sure their ideas are right. Controls don’t often have a lot of time for chit chat but they do love telling other people what to do.


Enthusiastic, talkative and stimulating, Influences are go, go, go! They keep things moving and are often the most fun person in the room, able to create relationships quickly and easily. Influences crave freedom, so they tend to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.


Powers are diligent and dependable, naturals at building long-lasting relationships. Their near-term focus and production mindset drives them to take on lots of tasks, making sure sure all of the work gets done. Powers are often the glue holding teams together.


Authorities stand for quality and hate wasting time and money. They are rational, disciplined and orderly with an unmatched attention to detail. They readily identify areas for improvement and always make sure that their teams are working on the right things.

While you likely exhibit some characteristics from all these Styles, you have a primary Style, which most closely aligns with how you behave under pressure.

The Indicator

The Market Force Styles indicator provides you with incredibly accurate results in just 10 minutes or less!

Answer about 20 questions – from the perspective of who you really are (not what your more evolved self may do in each situation) – and you will receive your own Styles profile report listing your strengths and shortcomings, as well as ideas for how to work better with the other Styles.

Since the indicator seeks to reveal your innate operating system, do your best to provide your instinctual responses to each question asked. And, while some of them may initially prompt a response of “both” or “neither” in you, you must pick one to move forward.

See sample report


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