What Are You Working On?

Frequently I am asked to explain the difference between working on your image and working on your ego. At first, these two things sound like the same thing, right?

It’s a great question, if you think about it, but a comparison is one way to start looking at the difference. Consider:

  • Those with an image have little ego.
  • Those with a large ego have little image.
You see, building an image means that you are building your brand.

And, to build a brand you must:

  1. Have an offer to be a solution to the concerns of others and
  2. Have the capacity to deliver on what you promise to others.

Working on your ego, on the other hand, means working to build your own self-importance. To build your ego, you will more often engage in comparison conversations against others (judgmental speaking) in an effort to prove your self-importance relative to others. There is no delivery of value, just opinion, gossip and innuendo.

In this day and age especially, our clients are not interested in ego building. They are more demanding than ever about having their concerns addressed. So, focus on them not you!

As you go through your week this week, ask yourself, “what am I working on – my image or my ego?” Hopefully this keeps you focused the right direction.

About the Author / Travis Carson
Travis Carson
Travis Carson is the Founder of Market Force. Having learned the guiding principles behind Market Force at the age of 19, Travis has used the material himself to help run four different companies, before moving into a training and coaching role in 2008 in order to share the material with others. Travis is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, a seven-time nationally ranked triathlete, a three-time Ironman finisher and the father of four children.