Which Style Should Really Be Leading?

This is the last of a 3-part series focusing on the natural leadership characteristics of each Style.

When you are looking to develop your leadership capabilities, it is important to acknowledge that your Style doesn’t make you a good leader. You make you a good leader. Getting past your Style is where your true leadership flourishes.

The nuance in discerning between you and your Style is understanding what your Style wants for you. And, it may not be what you think.

You have aspirations, hopes and dreams. You have things you want to achieve in life. You want to win new business. You want to expand your service into a new region. You want to partner with another inspiring organization. You want to start blogging. You want to get into better shape. You want to contribute to your community. You want to support other people to be more successful.

Your Style isn’t concerned with any of those things. The only thing your Style is focused on is your own survival and it will do anything to ensure that happens. Your Style can’t help you get ahead in life because it only seeks breakeven outcomes for you.

And, the problem with your Style is that it often sticks its nose into situations where it can’t help you – like when you are looking to thrive in your life.

Your Style definitely factors into your desire to become a leader and perhaps it even drives some of your leadership characteristics. But, if you blindly allow your Style to run the show, your leadership style will suffer, you will struggle to achieve your goals, and you will damage your reputation.

When you take on the responsibility of leadership, you need to remember that you are working in service of a greater intention that will make a positive impact on many others. When you make the needs of that intention – what you want out of life – more important than the needs of your Style – what it will take to survive or to make you look good – you will find yourself on the path to great leadership.
No matter your Style.

About the Author / Tony Cooper
Tony instigates breakthrough performance for businesses through his fascination of playing the “game behind the game”. He brings out the best in business leaders by helping them simplify complicated issues and supporting them to gain new skills and insights quickly. Tony has been training, coaching, and consulting since 2002, serving his passion of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University, earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In Tony's youth he was a nationally-ranked diver and Tae Kwon Do martial artist. And now after a lifetime of city dwelling, he is raising his family on a farm in Davis, California.