Which Style Makes the Best Leader?

This is the first of a 3-part series focusing on the natural leadership characteristics of each Style.

When I talk and write on the subject of leadership, I am often asked, “Which Style makes the best leader?”. It’s a good question and I know people want a specific answer, so I’m sure the one I give is probably somewhat disappointing.

The fact is that when people are able to overcome their survival wiring and gain greater awareness of the impact they have on others, all Styles can develop the ability to lead successfully. However, there are a number of caveats and nuances that I will be addressing in this 3-part blog.

How You Lead Matters

While any Style “can” make a good leader, an individual’s success depends on “how” they lead. Their success or failure depends on the authenticity of their leadership Style, which is perceived as “believability” by those being led.

For example, an Authority who leads with Control-type characteristics – taking charge and creating certainty for others by making decisions about the future with confidence – won’t be as successful as one who leads using their own, natural Authority-type characteristics – carefully considering options and moving forward with care, never sacrificing quality for progress.

The reason is that your unnatural behaviors can sometimes be experienced as forced. People like to follow leaders who are comfortable with who they are, warts and all.

Learning to lead as “a natural expression of one’s self” is essential for creating trust with others. The key is accepting and valuing your primary Style, leveraging your natural strengths and ensuring that others on your team are able to compensate for your shortcomings.

True leadership strategically combines your values with your intentions, while acknowledging your Market Force Style. Because, we all know that no matter how much you try to suppress it, under pressure your Style will become completely transparent to others.

Next up: The different pathways to leadership that each of Style follows – you may be surprised how it actually happens!

About the Author / Tony Cooper
Tony instigates breakthrough performance for businesses through his fascination of playing the “game behind the game”. He brings out the best in business leaders by helping them simplify complicated issues and supporting them to gain new skills and insights quickly. Tony has been training, coaching, and consulting since 2002, serving his passion of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University, earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In Tony's youth he was a nationally-ranked diver and Tae Kwon Do martial artist. And now after a lifetime of city dwelling, he is raising his family on a farm in Davis, California.