Tamee Cooper

Tamee’s Story

With a passion to create order and beauty in the world, Tamee’s gift is helping companies uncover their core identities and clearly expressing them out to their key markets.

Operating with a design philosophy of “without clear and consistent communication, no one will remember you and your identity will be lost”, Tamee’s process discovers what companies are made of, carefully examines all their essential elements, then distills it all into the most concise and authentic message possible. This context drives all future communication and messaging, which is what ultimately differentiates (and determines the success of) one business from another.

In addition to leading Market Force’s internal design and marketing efforts, Tamee works with our licensing partners to help get them up-and-running, incorporating their unique identities into our wide array of powerful tools and materials.

With over 25 years of professional advertising experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tamee’s background includes working in small boutique design shops and playing in the big agencies, like McCann and Gray, as well as founding her own design house, Bee Creative. She can both lead and work effectively within a team and has created national campaigns for companies like AT&T, Cisco, Dole Foods, Mondavi Wines and Golds Gym. Tamee holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Kansas State University.

She is a Kansas farm girl who grew up with a LOT of space around her. Tamee is passionate about raising her two children on their farm in Davis, CA (along with her husband and their small zoo of animals). She loves running, yoga and the adventure of traveling to places she’s never been before.

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