Travis Carson

Travis’s Story

Travis is the driving force behind Market Force, having lived, used, taught, and coached its principal practices for over 20 years. Travis is a highly sought-after presenter, coach, and trainer.

A life-long learner and entrepreneur, Travis has employed the value of Market Force’s Human Performance Technology to help run his own businesses as well as to coach hundreds of others. Travis has played business leadership roles in several companies ranging from home health care to energy-efficient lighting to real estate investment. Each of these businesses experienced solid growth and performance under Travis’ leadership. It is through these experiences that he has been able to fine tune the Market Force system and help his clients extract the maximum value out of the program.

Travis has executive consulting experience with companies spanning over 20 different industries, ranging in size from start-up to multi-national. With his combination of real-time operations and business ownership experience, plus graduate-level education in law and business, Travis provides business leaders with tools and perspective for solving their most difficult business issues.

Travis earned both his MBA and his JD from the University of Arizona.  He was a four time nationally ranked tennis player and a seven time nationally ranked triathlete, as well as a three time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

Travis and his wife, Alison, live in Tucson, AZ with their four children.

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