Heather Needham

What was Heather’s experience with the Styles Certification Program?

The experience has been joyful, energizing, and full of growth. The Market Force Team brilliantly created a certification program that provided rich content, the opportunity to work with others in a small group, personal coaching, experiential learning assignments, and wisdom from guest speakers who are already implementing Market Force in their businesses.

Heather’s biggest takeaway from the Styles Certification Program?

Market Force mapped human behavior, and that awareness brings us an opportunity to change what not longer serves us. I am already letting go of old patterns that were creating suffering, building on the strengths of my style, and challenging myself to embrace aspects of all of the styles. This training is such a gift, that I feel a great joy and motivation to give the gift to others.

What Heather intends to do with the Market Force material?

To support humanity’s growth in consciousness by shifting our thinking from unconscious routine thoughts and primal reactions to conscious thoughts and actions.

What does Heather want everyone to know about Market Force Styles?

It is the key to reducing suffering in your personal and professional life and the tool for building a prosperous career and a life of wonder.


About the Author / Travis Carson
Travis Carson
Travis Carson is the Founder of Market Force. Having learned the guiding principles behind Market Force at the age of 19, Travis has used the material himself to help run four different companies, before moving into a training and coaching role in 2008 in order to share the material with others. Travis is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, a seven-time nationally ranked triathlete, a three-time Ironman finisher and the father of four children.