Gaurav Ratta

Gaurav’s Story

Gaurav is fascinated with the intersection of technology and human dynamics. He is a results-driven leader with global experience in driving technology organizations, large global corporations, small & medium enterprise towards success and helping companies, leaders and teams transform technology into a business asset.

Gaurav drives transformation to disrupt conventional business models, and to deliver hassle-free, frictionless customer experiences. He is an exceptional leader, guiding people through ambiguity and inspiring people to deliver world- class competitive differentiation. Gaurav loves delivering on promises, always striving for success in the dynamic and demanding environment while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Gaurav’s high-level skills and temperament are incredibly value in his role of handling all things related to the Market Force Style Indicator, including client service, troubleshooting, and private labeling of the Indicator for Certified Professionals and our end clients.

Gaurav lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

About the Author / Tony Cooper
Tony instigates breakthrough performance for businesses through his fascination of playing the “game behind the game”. He brings out the best in business leaders by helping them simplify complicated issues and supporting them to gain new skills and insights quickly. Tony has been training, coaching, and consulting since 2002, serving his passion of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University, earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In Tony's youth he was a nationally-ranked diver and Tae Kwon Do martial artist. And now after a lifetime of city dwelling, he is raising his family on a farm in Davis, California.