Evan Cooper

Evan’s Story

Evan is passionate about building world-class teams to attack the biggest challenges with excitement and great energy, delivering creative and positive solutions for CUSTOMERS. He is a fast learner, creative-minded and solutions-oriented. Evan works with Market Force to help advance our digital strategy, including better integration of our suite of online tools.

Evan believes that the value of digitization is to positively impact the human experience. Using process optimization and digital tools, he loves helping start-ups, small organizations and large corporations accomplish organizational integration, product development, and customer growth.

Having worked for years as an internal consultant for GE, Evan was responsible for implementing manufacturing and supply chain efficiency, overall business optimization projects, and ERP implementations. He has held leadership positions overseeing operations throughout the world, including CIO and COO roles, and spent nearly ten years as a Product Manager for advanced ceramic materials division. Evan left the corporate world to found growU, an organization helping grow ideas, businesses and people, and also founded the organization CLE Chefs, a social venture providing training, employment and other opportunities for the marginalized population and to enrich community nutritional well-being. Evan’s focus is always to bridge the gap between technology & business, analog & digital, and where you are now & where you want to be in the future.

Evan earned his Executive MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and received a BS degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University, with a minor in Hospitality Development. Evan lives in Chagrin Falls, OH with his wife, three beautiful daughters and two dogs, and he enjoys spending his time with family, trail running and cooking.

About the Author / Tony Cooper
Tony instigates breakthrough performance for businesses through his fascination of playing the “game behind the game”. He brings out the best in business leaders by helping them simplify complicated issues and supporting them to gain new skills and insights quickly. Tony has been training, coaching, and consulting since 2002, serving his passion of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University, earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In Tony's youth he was a nationally-ranked diver and Tae Kwon Do martial artist. And now after a lifetime of city dwelling, he is raising his family on a farm in Davis, California.