David Kuhl

What was David’s experience with the Styles Certification Program?

It was a journey of discovery. When I first started the certification process, I thought it would be based on memorization and practice delivering classes. What it actually encompassed was 12 wonderful weeks of working with great people, understanding the premises for Market Force, wrapping my mind around the “Why” and relishing the possibilities and new outcomes I could create. At the end, I felt confident that I fully understood Market Force Styles and I could adapt and package the information, coaching and awareness for all different styles with many different contexts and examples.

David’s biggest takeaway from the Styles Certification Program?

There is a distinct advantage in learning together as a group and the certification program not only gave me a dozen great people to learn with, it also gave me experienced coaches and for the last 3 weeks, practitioners with real life stories which was very helpful. On a personal note, my key takeaways were: 1) I’m fairly predictable and I get triggered easily; 2) I can actually modify my response to triggers; 3) I am beginning to understand in work and personal life why there are people I simply don’t “click” with; 4) training is hard work!!! 5) Market Force is a great tool for building teams and opening conversations about style to forge high performance teams.

What does David intend to do with the Market Force material?

We are transforming the Alaska Airlines IT team through Market Force and improving our collaboration and increasing output (while having some fun personal learnings!) We will end up training and coaching 300 great people on our IT team and business partners as well.

What does David want everyone to know about Market Force Styles?

It really works and is a great self-diagnostic which increases your awareness and builds flexibility for better outcomes. I had a few funny moments after my first exposure to Market Force where I had conversations that didn’t go well and I replayed them in my mind and realized I was expecting everyone to act and react exactly as I was which was generating very poor results. The great news is that I had an opportunity to recover and I spent time evaluating the styles of other leaders and modifying my conversation and actions to suit their style with very positive results! Now I use Market Force to analyze my audience and get it right the first time!


About the Author / Travis Carson
Travis Carson
Travis Carson is the Founder of Market Force. Having learned the guiding principles behind Market Force at the age of 19, Travis has used the material himself to help run four different companies, before moving into a training and coaching role in 2008 in order to share the material with others. Travis is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, a seven-time nationally ranked triathlete, a three-time Ironman finisher and the father of four children.