Bob Mulhern

Bob’s Story

Bob was introduced to Market Force in 2009. “It was first described to me as a tool to create a common language across our firm to assist leaders in understanding their professionals and accelerating their success. I have been a student and practitioner of Market Force ever since!” Ever since the learning Market Force, Bob has been integrated the tools into his overall leadership strategy – namely, to help others succeed.  “I have utilized the Market Force strategies and tools to help accelerate the success of many talented people and teams, as well as to work through some very perplexing leadership problems and to pursue strategic initiatives for my firm.”

Why Market Force?

Market Force has proven to be a very compelling, comprehensive, strategic offering to reduce the complexity of my leadership responsibilities. It does this by allowing me to understand many dynamics and market nuances that are not obvious without training. The more I learn and implement Market Force strategies and tools, the simpler and more successful my responsibilities seem to become!

Favorite Market Force Story?

My favorite Market Force story is a personal one. After the training I realized that the most successful teams that I was working on had naturally balanced the Market Force styles within the team, and those which were struggling had not. This was quite a revelation!

Favorite Market Force Tool?

My favorite tool is the Market Force mobile app. When I am interviewing prospective team members I will often times ask them to complete the app while I go retrieve something that I want to have for our conversation. Once the questions are answered and the dominant style is revealed, it helps me cater my interview in a way that is most beneficial for the prospect’s natural style of communicating and thinking.

About the Author / Travis Carson
Travis Carson
Travis Carson is the Founder of Market Force. Having learned the guiding principles behind Market Force at the age of 19, Travis has used the material himself to help run four different companies, before moving into a training and coaching role in 2008 in order to share the material with others. Travis is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, a seven-time nationally ranked triathlete, a three-time Ironman finisher and the father of four children.