Stay on Target

Stay on Target

The pivotal scene in Star Wars comes when Luke and his fellow fighter pilots were winging their way through the cavernous confines and towering mechanical alley ways of the Death Star to deliver the fateful shot into its power core. Guns blazing all around him, fellow pilots disintegrating from enemy blasts and the power of grief over a lost family eroding his confidence, a kid, unaware of the instincts his mysterious patriarch had passed on, “stays on target” through it all to deliver the kill shot. The Empire’s greatest weapon obliterates in a flash of 70′s-era sci-fi space explosion coolness and a revived movement toward universal harmony ensues.

Wow. Take a breath. That’s great stuff.

Our boy Luke had some rapid-fire breakdowns going on there, didn’t he? Not unlike most days in the contemporary business universe. While our intention may not be to topple a corrupt galactic regime, it is nevertheless bent on personal growth. It’s easy though, to assume those not sharing our intention are trying to “corrupt” it. If you feel that way, it’s your fault; you’ve let yourself get winged. Is a team-member not performing as planned? Well then, how can you get them better prepared? Or what can you do to fill the void of their unfulfilled promises that will keep the team in flight?

Remember that all the shrapnel of frustration and untimely misfires are not unique to your company or relationships. They’re not unique at all. The more accepting you can be of their presence within your intent, the easier it will be for you to stay on target.

May Market Force be with you.

(Had to get that in there.)

About the Author / Travis Carson
Travis Carson
Travis Carson is the Founder of Market Force. Having learned the guiding principles behind Market Force at the age of 19, Travis has used the material himself to help run four different companies, before moving into a training and coaching role in 2008 in order to share the material with others. Travis is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, a seven-time nationally ranked triathlete, a three-time Ironman finisher and the father of four children.