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Market Force is personal performance technology, delivering powerful human connections.

The biggest challenge in the workplace is how poorly people perform under pressure. The greatest advantage you have in the digital age is elevating your people to excel in those conditions.

The latest research in brain science provides incredible insights to help you reduce drama and accelerate collaboration, allowing your team to work better, smarter & faster, resulting in greater prosperity.

Begin that journey now by discovering your own performance Style.

Get Wired for Prosperity™

Market Force trains innovative organizations in advanced human dynamics, helping them to overcome persistent challenges and to dramatically improve their performance and satisfaction. Our training methodology delivers the following benefits.

Reduces Friction

Business is just a game, but treating it like it's life-or-death makes it hard to win. So, it's time to change the game.

Increases Productivity

Playing the game with others requires that you use advanced techniques in communication and collaboration.

Accelerates Performance

To win the game you must be able to successfully manage your most valuable asset (your reputation).

Hear From Our Leaders

Travis Carson, Founder

Tony Cooper, CEO Global

You’re In Great Company

Some of the best companies in the world like to think of Market Force as their secret weapon.

I chose Market Force for our team because the principles are applicable across all aspects of life and business. It’s much like a game in that you can continually improve your performance. Unlike many of the other tools out there that give you an indicator and a definition, Market Force gives you a foundation and tools to use to apply the learning. I continue to find new challenges that I can apply the tools to improve performance.

Jake Walker | CEO, Print CPG Family of Brands | Tucson, AZ USA

I find that I’m using Market Force concepts when I making hiring decisions, as I interact with my leadership team, and as I engage new customers and stakeholders. I plan to make sure my larger team is not only familiar with Market Force but continually improving their practice.

Troy Kaser | Managing Director of e-commerce, Alaska Airlines | Seattle, WA USA

Market Force is an effective, easy to use tool that will allow you to relate better with people and build productive relationships. It is great to build teams, understand your stakeholders and customers needs better and minimize conflict. The key advantage is its easy applicability and faster learning curve.

Jayan Nair | Director of Technology Project Delivery, Alaska Airlines | Seattle, WA USA

Market Force recently facilitated our 2-day, annual offsite management development program, and the reviews are in. Our entire management team agrees that it was the best leadership workshop we have experienced together in the 10 years we have been doing them. Our seasoned group consists of attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, fiscal team and support staff, who all found the Market Force tools to be highly relevant to the performance of our public servant team. The insight and discussion our team has been able to achieve was simply outstanding. I definitely feel as though Tony and the Market Force approach has helped move my team markedly further down the path of greatness.

Jeff Reisig | District Attorney, Yolo County District | Woodland, CA USA

The Market Force Styles framework provided our brokers with a foundation for effectively dealing with prospects, current clients, industry partners, fellow brokers, and team members. Especially valuable was the methodology on how to determine the Style of a prospect, and what to do in order to create the best first impression. The feedback I received from my brokers was that the training was not just conceptual theory, but actually had tactics that can be used the minute they walked out of the door. They also appreciated that the framework’s application transcended commercial real estate and would positively impact relationships with family and friends.

David Pinsel | President, Charles Dunn Company | Los Angeles, CA USA